12 Easy Ways to Transform Your Apartment This Weekend

Apartment living is perfect for those who want their landscaping and home maintenance tasks taken care of. The only downside to renting is that you can’t paint the walls, replace the flooring, or update the cabinetry. Still, there are plenty of small projects you can do to transform your living space for the better. Here are 12 projects to try this weekend.

  1. Create a “go zone” in your entryway: Clear the clutter around the front door with an organized “go zone.” You’ll need a storage shoe bench, wall-mounted hooks, catch-all basket, and mirror to check your hair and makeup before stepping out the door.
  2. Paint your furniture: Revitalize that old dresser or dining room table with a bright coat of paint. The new color will really add interest to the space.
  3. Declutter your bookshelves: Don’t just pile books on your shelves—reorganize them to include decorative knick-knacks and photos that personalize your apartment.
  4. Update the bathroom tiles or kitchen backsplash with tile decals: Removable stickers are the perfect way to create the look of new tile without the mess or expense.
  5. Buy houseplants: Certain houseplants clean the air, so feel free to breathe deeply with one in every room. If you don’t have a green thumb, fake plants look just as beautiful.
  6. Swap out your cabinetry hardware: Tired of those ugly, outdated knobs? Replace them with stylish brass ones for a surprisingly noticeable difference. Hold onto the old hardware so you can put it back when you move out.
  7. Set up new floor lamps: The option to install new lighting may not be in your lease, but a new living room floor lamp can absolutely transform the space.
  8. Apply stick-on window film: Does your front door have a window? Do you hate it? Escape from prying eyes with stick-on privacy window film.
  9. Attach decorative decals to your walls: Decals come in all shapes and sizes. You can mount peel-and-stick faux bricks to your fireplace, add temporary flair with cute images and sentiments, or give your kids somewhere to doodle with adhesive chalkboard wallpaper.
  10. Hang string lights: Add some whimsy to any room in your apartment with adorable star-shaped string lights. They also make the perfect nightlight.
  11. Hang bamboo blinds: Do your dusty Venetian blinds leave something to be desired? Up the flare factor by replacing them with bamboo shades. Then, simply swap the window coverings back when you move out.
  12. Replace the light switch covers: Say goodbye to drab light switch covers and hello to classy brass ones. Your guests will think they’re visiting a millionaire!

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