Apartment Christmas Decor Tips and Tricks

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t get into the Christmas spirit with decorating! You might not have the space for a 9-foot tree and elaborate decorations, but it is possible to make your small place festive. Check out our apartment Christmas decor tips and tricks that even Buddy the Elf would be thrilled with:

Get Creative with a Tree

If you can’t bear to go without an iconic tree in your small space, you’ll have to get creative! We’d suggest forgoing on a massive tree, because it’ll make your apartment seem smaller and more cluttered. Instead, go for a slender tree that can fit in the corner of a room. Just because it’s slender doesn’t mean it has to be tiny – you can get one up to 7 to 8 feet if you have the ceiling height. Remember, it is better to take up vertical space rather than horizontal when you’re dealing with a small area. If you can’t make any floor space for a tree, consider a tabletop tree to put on your kitchen counter, bedroom dresser, or dining table as a centerpiece!

Remember Wreaths Aren’t Just for Front Doors

Wreaths on your front door are a great way to bring your neighbors some holiday spirit, but why not enjoy them inside yourself? Wreaths are a great way to add festivity without utilizing much space. Hang them on your bedroom and bathroom doors, or even on the wall above your TV or bed. You can also get creative with small wreaths by adding ribbon and hanging them from cabinets, chair backs, or windows. Don’t like to bother with hanging? Place a wreath on your kitchen island or dining table as a centerpiece, and add fake candles or vases in the center.

Swap Out Throw Pillows and Blankets

If you’re looking for quick and easy apartment Christmas decor, simply swap out your typical pillows and throw blankets with Christmas ones! This will instantly add warmth to your apartment without any assembly or hanging required. You can typically find affordable Christmas blankets and pillows at places like Wal Mart, Target, or Amazon. The best part is that you can use them year after year, and it’s a functional decoration.

Utilize Wall Space

With limited space, it’s important that you utilize your walls for maximum festivity! A great way to do this is by swapping out photos in frames with holiday-themed ones. Frame Christmas cards you’ve received from family and friends, or nostalgic Christmas pictures from the past. To get really creative, print out your favorite Christmas movie quotes or song lyrics using Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud, or even Microsoft Word. You can also hang lights, garland, or stockings to dress up your empty wall space.  

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