Apartment Locating Companies in Dallas

Why should you be using one of the apartment locating companies in Dallas? The apartment market is soaring here, and if it’s already hard to find an apartment, it will just become more difficult to choose one with the increasing number of buildings. According to The Dallas Morning News, North Texas is currently building about 43,000 units. Do you have the time, energy, and resources to know which of these will have all of your apartment needs for the best price?

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We don’t think so.

That’s why we’ve curated a dedicated team of apartment locating experts to take the brunt work of moving off your hands. Having apartment locating companies at your disposal will make your life much easier. We are willing to comb through the thousands of apartments available in the DFW metroplex to find you exactly what you’re looking for. As one of the top apartment locating companies in Dallas, we have the knowledge and expertise in all areas of the apartment hunting process.


Unless you’re particularly interested in the geography of Dallas, you likely don’t know about every neighborhood it houses. You’ve got your upper Greenville, your lower Greenville, your Deep Ellum, your Park Lane, and everything in between. Even though you may know the general area of each, do you know what each neighborhood has to offer? We know which has the closest proximity to restaurants, the highway (for easy commuting), public transportation, plus its overall feel. Having an early-to-bed person stuck in the middle of the nightlife of Oak Lawn is the last thing we want. Luckily, we are one of the best apartment locating companies in Dallas to help you avoid common mistakes many apartment hunters make.


We understand those who have strict budgets, and will work to find the right place for the right price if you don’t have that wiggle room. Oftentimes, apartment hunters will push the limits to get a bigger commission, but we don’t work that way. That’s why were one of the most trusted apartment locating companies in Dallas. You can know you’re in good hands when you are working with Uptown Apartment Locators. We take every cost into account, such as electricity and water bills, pet fees, and even washer/dryer rentals. By being thorough in calculating what added costs you will have each month in addition to rent, we make sure you don’t get stuck in a lease you can’t afford.

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That little extra feature could be a make it or break it moment in your apartment searches. That’s why we consider what you need – and what you want – in finding the perfect apartment. Whatever your must-haves are, we know the best places around town that offer them. (If you’re a pet owner, check out our blog on the coolest dog friendly apartments in Dallas.) Features like soft-close drawers and farmhouse sinks may seem small, but can be little things that make life a lot easier. If you and your roommate have opposite schedules, it’s much better to be able to get ready quietly. Or, if you love to cook, we know that a big sink will definitely make it easier to clean that cast iron or Dutch oven. We separate ourselves from other apartment locating companies in Dallas with this kind of attention to detail.

No matter what your move date is, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today to get started on finding your one perfect apartment out of the thousands in DFW.

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