Apartment Tour Checklist

If you are searching for a new apartment, basic things like price and location are probably already on your mind. However, there are many additional little details to keep in mind when checking out a potential apartment. That is why we are offering you our apartment tour checklist so you can find the perfect apartment that satisfies all your wants and needs.


One of the most important things on our apartment tour checklist includes knowing about utilities. You already have the price of rent in mind, but are utilities included in that price? Will you need to pay for them separately? If so, does that include water, electricity, gas, internet, and valet trash?


One of the perks of living in an apartment is your access to a variety of amenities! Apartment buildings frequently have a gym, pool, laundromat, or possibly even a convenience store. Ask what facilities are available and if access is included in your lease. If the facilities you want are not available on site, be sure to ask if there are options located nearby!


The next item on our apartment tour checklist is parking. Make sure to ask about the parking situation. Is a parking spot included in your rent, or is it billed as an additional fee? If parking is included, do you have a designated spot or do you have access to a lot? You may also want to ask if the parking is covered and protected by a gate.


Pets are important members of the family, which is why they are featured on our apartment tour checklist. If you have pets, you need to ensure that they are allowed in the apartment. Next, ask if there is an additional pet fee in order for your furry friend to live with you. You may also want to inquire about animal noise policies, what other animals are currently living in the building, and what the nearby rest spots are for your pet.


Having terrible or noisy neighbors can ruin your apartment experience. That’s why it’s an important factor to consider in our apartment tour checklist. When touring an apartment, be sure to ask about shared walls, noise curfews, and how noise complaints are handled. Additionally, ask if the landlord or property manager lives nearby and how often they interact with the tenants. You certainly don’t want a nosey landlord! Lastly, if possible, see if you can meet a few of the neighbors to determine who you are going to be living around.


You already know which building you are in, but another important thing to consider on our apartment tour checklist is your location within the building itself. Which floor are you on; how far are the elevators? Are the ground-level apartments safe? Are you facing a street; is the road noise loud? Are you located next to a pool; will that get too loud in the summer? How close are you to the parking area? By taking these factors into consideration, you will be able to determine the location of the apartment best for you.


Are you a morning person who loves to wake up to the rising sun, or would you rather have afternoon rays shining through your living room windows? We would hate for a night owl to be woken up by 5 am sunshine every day! When on your apartment tour, be sure to keep in mind what type of light you want and where it will be filtering in from.

Now that you have a substantial apartment tour checklist ready to go, you can get started looking for your dream apartment! We are ready to help, all you need to do is contact us today to begin.