Cowtown USA

Fort Worth’s roots trace to the 1840s. A treaty signed between local Native American tribes and the Republic of Texas established a “trading house” at the junction of the Clear Fork and West Fork of the Trinity River. Following the accession of Texas to the Union and the Mexican War, Fort Worth was established in 1849 as the northernmost in a series of 10 forts protecting the frontier. The true history of Fort Worth begins from this point and to this day the city is known as “where the West begins”.

 From the historic Van Zandt cottage to the bungalow charm around Camp Bowie, the architecture in historic Fort Worth neighborhoods captures Cowtown’s origins and evolution. So, how did it come to be known as Cowtown?

The Fort Worth Stockyards was the largest horse and mule market in the world back in 1917, and it is the cattle drives and subsequent auctions that helped create the nickname of Cowtown for historic Fort Worth. As a stop on the legendary Chisholm Trail, millions of cattle were driven north to market along the trail and Fort Worth became a center of the ranching industry. The Stockyards historic district includes such notable country music venues as Billy Bob’s as well as several restaurants operated by celebrity chef, and Iron Chef America, alum Tim Scott.

Fort Worth today is a major hub of the oil and gas industry, recent technological advances have made vast reservoirs of natural gas available directly under the city. Many local residents now receive royalty checks from this gas drilling, an added benefit to living in Cowtown! Furthermore, in 2006 Fort Worth was voted as one of “America’s Most Livable Communities” and the 2020 census also showed Cowtown was one of the fastest growing cities in America with a population that increased more than 20% in the preceding decade.

There is much to see and do in the DFW area, but if you are looking to live in a part of Fort Worth and surround yourself with history, then Cowtown is where you want to be. When choosing a neighborhood, you usually wish for conveniences, experiences, and safety. Cowtown has that and so much more. 

Let’s start at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo; this is definitely Americana at its best. There are horse shows, live animal auctions, and of course, rodeos. After a night of Rodeo watching, you might want a quieter setting; we highly recommend you take yourself to Cowtown Winery. Enjoy a tasting or join the wine club; it is all great fun no matter what you do. If wine is not your thing, but you still need to quench that thirst, mosey yourself on down to Second Rodeo Brewing and enjoy some wings and drinks. There is a large selection to choose from of whiskeys or brews. Something that shouldn’t be missed here in Cowtown is the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame; This is a great way to learn about some of Texas’ rich history and understand the glory of the cowboy lifestyle. If you like history, don’t miss out on John Wayne: An American Experience and learn more about this legendary actor’s life.

Fort Worth has so much to offer and when you need to find the right apartment in just the neighborhood that fits your lifestyle, you should look no further than Uptown Apartment Locators. Call us today and get started on calling Cowtown home!