Why Dallas Commuters Have Fort Worth Texas Apartments

Did you know that nearly 16% of Tarrant County workers, with the majority being from Fort Worth, commute to Dallas for work? That’s over 100,000 people who drive to Dallas for their jobs. Many wonder why there are so many people who work in Dallas, yet live in Fort Worth Texas apartments. Let’s break down why Dallas employees are lured to settle down further West.

The Benefits of Forth Worth Texas Apartments

Though living in Dallas has its perks as one of the more affordable cities in America, Fort Worth takes the cake on its prices. HuffPost ranks Fort Worth as one of the top 25 best places to live while trying to save money. A high-paying job in Dallas coupled with a low-priced apartment in Fort Worth makes for a lot of savings. The cost of living in Fort Worth is 8% lower than the national average and 29.97% lower than Dallas, and if you don’t mind the commute, it is definitely worth the drive.

Even though Fort Worth Texas Apartments can be overlooked, they offer great prices for more square footage. Plus, they have lots of neighborhoods with many different personalities. Explore more of Forth Worth here, and read on to see what else the city has to offer.

There’s More to this Town than Honky-Tonk Bars

Dallas may be thought of as the husting and bustling city in North Texas, but Forth Worth is up-and-coming as another diverse metroplex. As one of the fastest growing millennial populations, people are attracted to its entertainment options and cultural scene. The Fort Worth cultural district houses six world class museums all within walking distance. In addition, the botanical gardens and Fort Worth Zoo are worthy of mention. Fort Worth suits everyone’s styles from indie to classical with its the large performance venues, historical theaters, eclectic art galleries, and lively festivals.

If you’re ready to save that money and are interested in moving to one of the many great Fort Worth Texas apartments, contact us today. Our apartment hunting experts can find you the best place, and we do it all for free.