Houston Texas – Skyline District

A Place with a View

For many urban dwellers proximity to things to do is the most important consideration when choosing a place to live. Then there are others who say it’s all about the view.  Well, if a view is what you are looking for then you want an apartment in the Houston Skyline District.  The term ‘Skyline District’ originated when downtown Houston was divided into a number of smaller districts, some of which we have covered in previous blogs like the Museum District and Theater District.

The collection of skyscrapers in this district creates one of the largest skylines in the United States. Most of Houston’s significant modern buildings can be found in this district, including the two tallest buildings in both Houston and Texas, both buildings are financial powerhouse buildings, one being the JPMorgan Chase Tower and the other being Wells Fargo Bank Plaza. 

One of the great features of living in the Houston Skyline District is the proximity to the Houston Tunnel System.  Like other cities such as Chicago, Montreal, and Toronto, Houston has a subterranean, climate-controlled pedestrian walkway that links 95 city blocks.

So, whether you are walking above ground or underground there is plenty to see and do in this Houston neighborhood.  Let’s start with a great place for breakfast, the Common Bond Café is a great place for a nice cup of coffee and a delectable pastry.  They have several locations around Houston and provide a gathering place for the community.

If you enjoy music, you might want to visit the Jones Hall for the Performing Arts. The venue specializes in symphonies and other musical events. The Houston Symphony performs here. Before or after a performance you might want to grab a bite to eat, might we suggest The Moonshiners Southern Table & Bar. Nothing says Southern Hospitality like drinking moonshine from a mason jar. The Moonshiner Southern Table is serving this up and so much more.  After an evening of good music and drinks, end the night on a sweet note at Luv’em Leches, a restaurant that specializes in the flavors of Tres Leches cakes and other desserts. It makes our mouth water just thinking of all the Leche variations to experience at this unique restaurant.

The Houston Skyline is a spectacular sight to see, admire its financial towers and skyscrapers, and it is also a great place to live.  If you need help finding just the right neighborhood to live in, call on Uptown Apartment Locators, we can assist you in finding the right neighborhood and the best apartment that will fit your lifestyle and needs.