Loft VS High Rise Apartments

If you’re apartment hunting, do you know what kind of apartment you want? Are you interested in a high rise apartment, or do you prefer a smaller building? And would you rather live in a spacious, open loft apartment or a traditional, more compartmentalized apartment? Determining the answers to these questions can help you narrow your search. Here, we offer some information about apartment types that can help you figure out which kind will work for you.

What’s the difference between high and low rise apartments? The definition of “high rise” varies depending on location. In some places, anything over seven stories is considered high rise, while in other areas a high rise is over ten stories. Whatever the case, it’s high!  Low rise apartments have four stories or fewer and are sometimes called garden apartments.

So, which one is better? The answer is purely subjective. If you want a great view in an urban environment, and you prefer a building with an elevator, a high rise might be perfect for you. High rise apartments have doormen and security, they often have flexible leases, and they are typically already wired for cable, internet, and so on. It’s easy to connect your utilities, and maintenance requests are usually handled by an on-site property manager.

On the other hand, low rise apartments typically have easier parking, more amenities, and better access to green spaces. They’re usually located in residential neighborhoods, so there will be less pollution, less traffic, and a stronger sense of community. They tend to offer more privacy than high rise apartments and are usually cheaper to rent.

Once you know whether you want your apartment high rise or low rise, it’s time to determine the type of apartment you prefer. If you’re thinking about loft vs apartment, it’s important to understand the differences between them. A traditional apartment will vary in its number of rooms, with the smallest being a studio. A studio apartment has just two rooms, one of which combines a bedroom, living space, and kitchen, with the other one being a bathroom. A loft apartment also combines space and has an open floor plan, but a loft is much different than a studio.

Lofts are spacious, often with high ceilings. They’re typically found in former industrial buildings, so they have a modern, industrial feel. Because they’re undefined spaces, you can be creative with your décor. Loft apartment storage is limited, however, and loft apartment rental doesn’t typically include many amenities. What’s more, the open nature of lofts means higher utility costs.

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