McKinney Texas

A picturesque city with a quaint small-town feel

McKinney, Texas, is located 30 miles north of downtown Dallas. A picturesque city with a quaint small-town feel, the land was fertile; though rugged. Early pioneers settled in the area but many abandoned their claims as they struggled to make a living. Then the railroad came in, and the settlement began to prosper with a rail line now available for transporting farm goods. McKinney became the county seat of Collin County, and the rest, as they say, is history.

McKinney’s leadership and residents have made preserving their history a priority over the years, and as a result, their history has become a significant part of the city’s identity. The eclectic mix of architecture and landscape tells the remarkable story of the people who built and have lived in McKinney over the decades.

If you are a big history buff, there are a number of historical walking tours that you can enjoy when living or visiting McKinney. The downtown historical walking tour explains the history of the buildings with a map and an explanation of the significance of the building in McKinney’s history, giving you a newfound understanding of how McKinney came to be. You can also experience how life was in McKinney more than a century ago by visiting the Chestnut Square Heritage Village. The village has houses that have been preserved that date back to 1854. Don’t miss this opportunity to look back on the past and appreciate all that once was.

Fall is coming, and this is a great time to experience outdoor activities like people-watching at the Local Yocal.  One of the many patios in McKinney that is set up for your enjoyment. After a walking tour of historic McKinney, you can relax and enjoy some conversation and world-class bbq at the Local Yocal patio.

McKinney has a quaintness to it that speaks to you on every corner. As you explore McKinney, make sure you stop in at the Spoon Cafe for breakfast, which is served all day long. Set in another of McKinney’s historic buildings, the Spoon Cafe is located on the square in the old Power and Light building; this is a great casual spot to grab a cup of coffee and meet a friend.

McKinney has something for everyone, from burgers to fine wines; you don’t have to go far to meet your needs or taste. If you want a bit of a more upscale environment, stop into the Barons Creek Tasting Room in McKinney. Here you can sample a flight or two of wine and dine on fine fare. 

There is more to do in McKinney than just eat and drink. On the western fringe of McKinney is Lake Lewisville, which provides a much-needed break from the summer heat by providing an opportunity to boat, jet ski, fish, or swim.

McKinney is a great place to live and play. If you need assistance finding just the right place to call home in McKinney, Texas, give Uptown Dallas Apartments a call.