Uptown Apartment Locators FAQs

Uptown Apartment Locators FAQs

If you have questions about our apartment relocation services, we’re here to help. As your premier apartment locators in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, we’ll help you find the perfect home for your needs. Uptown Apartment Locators is here to ensure you get a free service that leads to a wonderful new journey in your new home. We’ll answer your most frequently asked questions about the best way to find apartments with Uptown Apartment Locators. Contact us today for more information.

What does your apartment locating service cost me?

Nothing! Our apartment locating services are free. The apartment communities pay our commission. 

When should I start looking for an apartment?

It is best to begin searching for another apartment at least 30 to 60 days before your lease expires. If you are not in a lease, then anytime convenient for you is an excellent time to start.

What if I have an eviction? 

Yes, you still get an apartment if you have been evicted. Your eviction or judgment must be two years old or paid off. 

Can you rent to first-time renters? 

Yes, we offer our services to first-time renters. A first-time renter might need a co-signer or an additional security deposit to secure their apartment. 

How do I make an appointment?

You can fill out our contact form on the website or call any of our agents

How does the application process work?

You’ll fill out the application at your preferred property online or in person. 

Does Uptown Apartment Locators Handle Section 8 housing?

No, we do not handle Section 8 housing.

How do you make money if the service is free?

Our apartment partners pay us a referral fee out of their marketing budget. This means our service for you is entirely free. 

Can you get negotiate better pricing?

We do not negotiate individual prices. We have teams that work hard to negotiate deals on specific units and always share these with our clients. 

Is an apartment locator a licensed real estate agent?

Our apartment locators include licensed real estate agents to help with all your needs. 

Why can’t you give me a list of apartments?

We don’t give you a generic list because we want to provide you with the most updated and accurate pricing. We personalize apartment lists, especially for your needs. 

How do I make sure Uptown Apartment Locators gets credit for helping me?

It’s important to inform your leasing agent you’re working with us and write our name and company in the referral section.

Can you help me with my lease renewal?

We do not help with lease renewals. 

Can you only show me apartments in the safest parts of town?

We have Licensed Real Estate Agents, so we cannot legally discuss safety or demographics. We can show you homes in your preferred areas.  

Do you work with townhomes?

If a management company manages a townhome, we can work with them. 

How do I cover all of my moving expenses with my company’s moving allowance?

Our experts will help you save time and money with our pre-negotiated rates through vendors. We’ll help iron out your moving plans and enables you to find the best deals on movers, travel, deposits, and additional fees.

Can you negotiate my utility rates?

We cannot negotiate existing utility rates. We will help compare and find the best options for you.

Do I get any deals or discounts for using Uptown Apartment Locators?

While each property is different, many of our partners offer special pricing and discounts for our clients.

What are the most common costs associated with leasing an apartment?

Costs will vary for each apartment community. The most common fees include an application fee, administration fee, and deposit. Sometimes these fees are waived, depending on specials. You should budget between$500-$1000 and your first month’s rent.

Is it better to drive or take DART to my office in downtown Dallas? 

We recommend taking public transportation when commuting to downtown Dallas due to the high cost of parking. You’ll pay about$75-$200 in a monthly parking garage. Many offices are within walking distance from the DART station.

What if I need access to the DART Rail? 

This is not a problem in Dallas! The DART rail has specific stations throughout Dallas. Some communities are on the bus line, some communities are only a block away from the bus line, and there are many stations where you can park and leave your car. 

What items will I need to preview apartments?

You will usually need your driver’s license or passport to view an apartment.  

What paperwork is required for the application process?

Every property requires different types of paperwork. The most common paperwork includes bank statements, or a job offer letter.

Can you recommend a good moving service for unloading my things?

We have many local resources for all your moving needs.

Do I have to do all paperwork in person?

No! Almost all properties offer a place to reserve apartments online.

How do I know what expenses are tax-deductible for my moving costs?

The IRS provides specific parameters for tax deductions based on the location you’re moving from and to. Consult your tax advisor for these specific parameters and save all receipts during moving.

Why choose Uptown Apartment Locators to find your new place?

We live and breathe apartments. This is what we do 24/7, and we’re obsessed with finding you the right place. We find great deals around Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin because we live here, we work here, and this is our home base.