The Energy Corridor District

The Houston Energy Corridor District is home to the headquarters and regional offices of prominent global firms within the energy sector, such as CITGO, BP, and American Petroleum, to name a few, making it the heart and soul of the Energy Capital of the World. A critical Houston economic hub, the District is the prime location for forward-thinking business owners and bold pioneers seeking a community where industry achievement thrives alongside a balanced lifestyle.

Consisting of over 2,000 acres that stretch along I-10 from Kirkwood Road to the west of Barker Cypress Road and extending south along Eldridge Parkway to the south of Briar Forest Drive, the Energy Corridor has a lot to offer its residents. Over 60,000 people commute to work in the district every day. Many of the firms located here are involved in cutting-edge energy research aimed at creating safer and cleaner fuel alternatives. The District has the highest concentration of engineers in the metro area and this highly educated and affluent workforce has created a unique Houston community.

Dining in the Corridor is a trip around the culinary world. There is everything in the cuisine here, from, as one might expect in Texas, top-line Barbeque available at Houston Barbeque Company to Mexican to Asian and everything in between. Options range from the award-winning cuisine of Chef Frederick Brown at Wyndham Houston West Energy Corridor to the family-friendly dining under the live oak trees at Grisby Square. All in all the neighborhood offers more than seventy distinct dining experiences.

There is no need to drive a long distance for amenities, the energy corridor has everything you need within just a few minute’s drive. All in all the district boasts more than 300,000 square feet of premier shopping space. Anything from purchasing an exotic tropical plant or tree to relaxing at the upscale Josephine’s Day Spa and Salon can be done without ever leaving the area.

The Energy Corridor is definitely a neighborhood with all the amenities any single person or family might need. This neighborhood has everything from nail salons to workout facilities all within its borders.

Set down the remote. Put your smartphone on fitness tracking and enjoy the Energy Corridor’s outdoor activities! Whether you like to golf, play tennis, hike, bike, jog or take long walks, the District is the place for you!

The Energy Corridor has over 50 miles and 26,000 acres of recreational parks and trails, the perfect green setting for residents who love to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Take time to explore George Bush Park, Bear Creek Park, Cullen park, or Terry Hershey Park. Terry Hershey park has 11 miles of trails that wind through the Corridor, connecting neighborhoods and businesses.

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